36-CB (1)

This photograph is from the Walter Alexander collection. Taken c1920 it clearly shows the Tunnel Hut in the background. One of the tunnel tugs is hard at work, most probably having just towed the workboats through the tunnel.

So far it has gone from this........ To this......... And we haven't finished yet!


Fast forward to 2012.............. What a sorry state the hut was in. Externally it was covered in ivy and overhanging trees. All gradually compromising its brickwork and roof. Inside the walls were covered in revolting grafitti with some pretty explicit artwork! The floor was generally strewn with rubbish (and worse) left by random passing folk using it as a shelter. Not a place to linger. The hut was being misused rather than used. Blisworth Canal Partnership decided that it was worth saving and restoring into a building that could be put to community use.


Our first move was to share our ideas with Canal and River Trust, particularly Heritage Officer, Florence Salberter. As expected, everybody in their team was incredibly supportive and before long an adoption agreement was devised and accepted. We soon set to work.........