MAY 22nd 2016 -

Blisworth Scouts Over and Under Day

An excited group of Scouts, their leaders and parents gathered at 10.15am as planned and were soon aboard 'Trip Boat Charlie' for their adventure through Blisworth Tunnel. Whilst they were setting off Jan Andrews from Blisworth Canal Partnership, talked to the group that had just arrived by boat from Stoke Bruerne. Jan explained that revenue from their annual festival allowed for the group to take on projects such as restoring the Tunnel Hut. Also to pay for community projects, such as covering the cost of the boat trip through the tunnel for the Scouts. All were impressed by the amazing mural created by Blisworth Art Group.

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Our 3 Duke of Edinburgh students and 2 members of our team having a well deserved rest after an hour spent tidying up the Tunnel Spinney - ably assisted by Buster the dog! Read more about what they have been doing on the work party / volunteer hours pages.


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Like other groups who have adopted a stretch of canal and adjacent land we have been given some personalised notices by CRT to advertise this. Look out for them within Blisworth Parish soon.

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On Friday 13th April 2016
3 members of our team, Jan & Alan Andrews and Jane Percival led a large party of Scouts from our neighbouring village of Roade through the Spinney. They were keen to kick start their NATURALIST badge. Jane helped them identify different wild flowers, luckily our wildflower planting scheme over the last couple of years meant that they had plenty to see. The evening ended with an enthusiastic bat detecting session. Using our hand held devices they identified Pippestelles and possibly Noctules.

A while ago members of our group installed 2 CRT noticeboards adjacent to the towpath, one near Candle Bridgeand one near Mill Bridge. Our talented local historian, Tony Marsh used both his creative and I.T. skills to produce an informative notice for all towpath users. This includes a village street map accompanied by useful information such as the whereabouts of local amenities and opening times. One of the notices is now displayed in each board. People have already told us how useful they've found them. If you spot a mistake, or think we need to add something, please let us know as another print run with better quality inks is planned.

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Members of our team spent an enjoyable evening recently, supporting Channel 5 film a documetary to be shown in 2016.
All we can say is that it involved the ultimate illuminated boat, bubble machines and lasers. The series will be a 'must see' for all canal and boat lovers. We'll post more details as we know them.

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