The restoration story.........

Our first task was to set about clearing all of the vegetation from on top of, growing up the sides of and surrounding the hut. A hard couple of days! Blisworth roofer and boat owner, Steve Starmer, then donated his time, skills and materials to install new guttering and downpipes to help allieviate the damp and drainage problems. We cleared up the brickwork path and the retaining wall and suddenly the whole area looked much smarter. The journey towards a new lease of life for the building had definitely begun.


Our next task was to tackle the inside of the hut. One brave group removed 100 years of dust, grime and some pretty big spider webs from the roof timbers. Amazingly they soon looked stunning. Following advice from Florence Salberter, Heritage Officer for Canal and River Trust and practical guidance from Blisworth builder, David Snapes we were able to source the appropriate wall treatment materials. After scrubbing the walls down, several coats were applied and the foul graffiti became just a memory. Recognising that our volunteers needed to rest and have a cuppa, we purchased a solid picnic bench from Linnell Bros, Timber Merchants based at Silverstone. Linnell Bros have always supported Blisworth Canal Partnership in its ventures.

art group

Soon the hut was ready for the Art group, who also made good use of the picnic bench.