AN ACTIVE MARCH & APRIL - Spring has sprung! Lee King (CRT) came along to the Tunnel Hut and helped the Partnership team fix the outboard to the flat / pan (otherwise known as The Blisworth Ferry) and get it going. It was then used to help a gang of volunteers cut back lots of branches hanging over (and in) the canal between Bridges 50 & 51. The winding hole is now clear and navigation much improved. The sunshine brought the birds out and so we were able to see where they intended to nest and give these spots a wide berth. Cathy and John from 'Whitegates' brewed tea and made bacon butties - much appreciated! Many thanks to Alison, Bill, Mac, Caroline, Alan and Nick who worked from the boat and Jan and Heather who de-ivyed and tidied up land side. We've also kept ourselves busy sprucing up the Spinney, cutting back and stamping down nettles close to the path, making sure the area around Jim's bench is kept tidy, planting even more donated wild flowers and installing another of Bob Nightingale the Blacksmith's stunning tree guards around the 'Coronation Oak'.


A busy October Saturday morning clearing around the Tunnel Hut and planting some donated cowslips. Many thanks to our Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteer (and her mum) who did lots of the work.

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For some time now people have been taking advantage of the high boundary hedge to hide their anti-social activities. All sorts of rubbish has been left in the Tunnel Car Park including old tyres, asbestos and rubble. Some individuals arrive by car and leave behind a trail of beer cans, cannibis bags and evidence of their varied sexual exploits. None of this is fair on the others who have to tidy up their mess. We've atarted to tackle this, the boundary hedge has been lowered considerably by our volunteers and other measures will follow.

Before and After - what a difference!

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