We've been busy already in the Spinney, clearing the path edges. de-ivying trees, clearing brambles. straightening saplings and marking and clearing the way for the new length of path. New people have turned up to join in and have had a great time. Our work party feasts in the tunnel hut have become quite famous!

Make sure you don't miss our work party dates, advertised on this website and on facebook (blisworth canal partnership) or @blisworthcanal on twitter.

APRIL / MAY / JUNE We've continued to be busy bees! Lots more tidying, the Spinney is now looking very smart. The wildflowers have spread and are making a colourful display, we've spotted lots of butterflies and insects and we are making a list of the wildlife that we see. Try sitting quietly on the picnic benches, you might see the treecreepers and nuthatches that like it near there. Our Bronze Duke Of Edinburgh has now completed her time with us and we wish her luck with her silver award.

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The lock beam seating opposite the Mill and outside the Tunnel Hut have been painted by some of our merry crew! Just the beam by Candle Bridge and the sluice fencing to go.

JULY / AUGUST / SEPTEMBER Our July and August workparties were all about preparing the towpath area ready for the festival. Lock beam seating was painted, vegetation tidied up and then it was full steam ahead putting up signs, bunting, gazebos and pitch markers. Our new 3 Duke of Edingburgh students began their hours in September and are having an real impact on the Spinney and around the Tunnel Hut.

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Retreating to the Tunnel Hut after a busy workparty is always looked forward to. A cosy fire, kettle boiling, soup bubblling and Nick finding another use for a silkie saw - cutting the chocolate cake!

Busy clearing the guttering of the Tunnel Hut